One billion people in rich countries consume 7.6 kW of power, while the other 5.5 billion people in the world have to manage with only 1.3 kW. Those in the rich countries will not be able to save enough energy to compensate for the growing requirements of the world's poor. Of course, small personal energy savings by people in rich countries ease their conscience, but this does not solve the real global problem.

Fig. 6: World power consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Kyoto agreement is now ten years old and the depressing results are now available. The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is increasing faster than ever, along with food and fuel prices and population. The Kyoto agreement has only succeeded in transferring industry and jobs to those countries which care little about environmental problems. Agreements like this are also dangerous because they give a false sense of security.

New post-Kyoto agreements must channel emissions trading funds to the development of new solar technology and commit to curb population growth. The optimum stabilization of national population enhances culture and wellfare and prevents also war. And it is a wise nation which knows when to cease growing.

Fig. 7: Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration increases along with the population. Annually 1000 million people in rich countries produce carbon dioxide 11.2 tons and 5500 million in poor countries 2.8 tons per person.

Only a brave soul is willing to honestly admit and fearlessly face the truth and the undeniable facts, which are out there for anyone with a sincere and logical mind to discover. We now need such people to overcome the world energy crisis. We need green idealists who will make our failures visible; we need open-minded citizens who will vote for change; we need wise politicians who will pass the necessary laws; and we need realist green engineers who will finally solve the problems.

Dr. Antti Roine, Ulvila, Finland
28 July 2008

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